Appointment Setting


This program is designed for companies that want to keep their outside sales force active and in front of the decision-makers at target companies and/or verticals that fit the solution to be sold.

In some industries, it may take a long and powerful relationship with decision-makers to ultimately earn the trust and political position to warrant a sale. Minecor offers its B2B Appointment Setting program to clients that need to establish a working pipeline quickly.





To sell best into a marketplace it is often necessary to understand the needs and acceptance thresholds before risking a large amount of resources ahead of assumptions about the buyers.


Market Positioning ( typically performed with Existing product line)


Feasibility Study (typically performed before or during development)






Access the market place through Minecor's Qualified Buyer Database which is inclusive with Minecor B2B Sales Lead Generation Programs. Contact Minecor to purchase Data based on your target profile


Minecor Qualified Buyer Database is comprised of 750,000 B2B contacts spanning over 230,000 companies. Minecor has profiled important B2B contacts within a large number of companies and a heavy emphasis has been placed on Information Technology decision-makers and influencers with both SMB and Enterprise companies.

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