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Minecor has successfully assisted companies, from large to small, grow revenue and gain market share whether it be an existing product line, a new product release or upgrade, or a start-up.

Minecor can provide all aspects of qualified B2B Sales Lead Generation and Demand Creation including:

  • Account Acquisition
  • Vertical Expansion
  • Customer base Development

What do you get in a Minecor B2B Lead Generation Program?


Sales Opportunities / Appointments -- qualified sales leads delivered to your sales force in near real-time. Qualification includes a prospect commitment to an on-site meeting or conference call, decision-maker, identified need/project, budget (can allocate budget), timeframe of purchase decision. (Note: The Qualified Sales Lead attributes can be customized)

Initial Interest Pipeline -- prospects that Minecor Sales Specialist(s) have spoken to and have developed interest your product/solution. Each prospect will undergo nurturing through various touch points throughout their sales cycle until developed into a sales-ready opportunity.

Access to Minecor’s Decisionmaker Database - Every Minecor program has access to  Minecor's Master Database. Prospects are identified based on the client customer profile. Multiple attributes are available including demographics, installed base data and standards

Marketing Intelligence -- valuable data that is gathered during the sales process directly from buyers and influencers.


Sales Opportunity Sample

Weekly Program Reports

  1. Minecor B2B Lead Generation Program performance levels - prospect activity and lead metrics (quantity & quality of delivered qualified sales opportunities)
  2. Forecast - Sales Pipeline generated by Minecor program - Minecor will provide the pipeline performance summary along with Return on Investment (ROI) figures.
  3. Measure the engagement level and effectiveness of your sales force - report shows a snapshot of how many leads have been engaged, qualified, quoted, won, extended, and lost. This can show how well your regional sales teams are performing all the way to performance benchmarks of each sales representative.

Marketing Intelligence Reports

Minecor's Reporting & Analytics Department periodically assimilates this data and delivers it in a statistical and graphical format that can be presented at executive level meetings. The marketing reports can depict the following information:

  1. Corporate buyers acceptance level of your product/services - Find what corporate buyers think of your products/services. Minecor Sales Specialists check and track various aspects related to how B2B buyers perceive the benefit of your product/service and how well they fit within their environments.
  2. Trend analysis & recommendations - Minecor's marketing report will depict trends that can be product related, competitive driven, segment related, vertical and company size specific, messaging and buyer perception related and more. The impact of trend(s) is assessed and Minecor's management team provides recommendations based on years of experience.

Review Success Stories


To sell into a marketplace it is necessary to understand the needs and acceptance thresholds before risking a large amount of resources ahead of assumptions about the buyers.

Market Positioning ( typically performed with existing product line)

Feasibility Study (typically performed before or during development)


Access the market place through Minecor's Qualified Buyer Database which is inclusive with Minecor Sales Lead Generation Programs.

Minecor Qualified Buyer Database is comprised of 750,000 B2B contacts spanning over 230,000 companies. Minecor has profiled important B2B contacts within a large number of companies and a heavy emphasis has been placed on Information Technology decision-makers and influencers with both SMB and Enterprise companies.

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