Lead Qualification

B2B companies are spending millions of dollars each year on top-of-the-funnel activities to generate new sales leads. Websites requests, PPC, email campaigns, telemarketing, and outsourcing. Unfortunately, many of these dollars are wasted for one simple reason: they either weren’t followed up in a timely manner or at all. Why not? In some cases, there was no process to deal with the volume of incoming leads. Often, the follow-up initially goes well. Then, over time, it tapers off. Why? Because many of the leads are not really leads. They're inquiries, tire-kickers or other time-wasters. Your salespeople are at their best when they are selling. Why force them to weed through unqualified leads at the cost of one of your most valuable resources? Consider this formula for the value of a salespersons time:

Expected sales quota/time period = cost per timeframe

If they’re expected to produce $1,000,000 per quarter, then their time becomes worth roughly $1900 an hour in expected contribution to the companies revenues. If you could have them focus on only sales-ready leads (BANT qualified), how much more could they produce? Regardless of how the leads are generated, let us do the middle-of-funnel work for you. We’ll do the weeding and pruning. We’ll fill in missing contact information. We’ll have a conversation, collect the information you need, qualify, verify and make sure that they are all followed up. We’ll nurture anything that is not ready for your sales team. And we’ll capture the information needed to rank your lead sources for future consideration.

Research suggests that only 38% of leads from typical lead-gen activities (email campaigns, SEO, web leads) are actually sales-ready. Of those, only 39% are qualified. And of those, only 29% will convert to a sale.  There are many influencers at each level that can change the result. A calling campaign that results in conversations can bring back information that can be as valuable as leads if not more valuable. A quality caller with a well-executed call guide can find out all of the lead information required (BANT info) plus they can also find out why they are NOT interested. Are they buying a competitors product? What are their buying cues, values, decision criteria? We can learn about future plans and budgets and any number of other things that can help guide your value proposition, product development, pricing, distribution, etc. These are the kind of things that can help improve that 29% close rate. Plus, by letting us do the initial verification, qualification and classification of leads, we free up your sales force to work to maximum benefit.